Energy is everything when it comes to long-distance running. That is why we have chosen to collaborate with Swedish Maurten, who created the energy drink that the elite is using.

Through a world-unique collaboration, we can offer you as runner the same perks as the elite have during the race. Run Like a Pro means you get, at six different energy stations along the course, a special table where you can pick up a bottle of Drink Mix 320. The fact that Drink Mix 320 is the elite favorite is because it contains considerably higher amounts of energy than other drinks – but at the same time is gentle to the stomach. At the designated stations you get a race bottles filled with the Swedish-developed energy drink that helps you keep energy levels up.

1. After 7KM, at Industrivägen
2. After 13KM, Ramlösa
3. After 20KM, Inside Fredriksdal
4. After 27KM at Pålsjö tennis
5. After 33KM, at Pålsjö slott.
6. After 37KM, at Sofiero.

Buy the package here or when you register for the Helsingborg Marathon.